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 Supervised visitations which take place in

safe protected environments by a

trained and skilled Provider

For Your Peace of Mind

Supervised Child Visitations are for families who are involved in high risk emotional or physical situations. The Supervised Visitation Provider is there to offer a safe and protected environment to control external influences of stress on the child, and to provide support for the child parent relationship.


Child Visitation is the contact between a child and the non-custodial parent in the presence of a neutral third person who is to observe and protect and ensure a safe visit for those involved.







Scott Pettinger is retired and the proud father of two adult boys that have professional and successful careers. 


Scott has college experience in Communications and Broadcasting. He has worked in Broadcast Television and worked in City Government as their Senior Media Services Specialist where he had the privilege to work with community organizations and programs such as schools, children’s events, churches and many more.


  • Trained Assistant Boy Scout Leader

  • Assistant Coach for Little League




"I wanted to stay active with community and after thinking about my family values,

I decided to be a Trained Professional Supervised Visitation Provider

and received 24 hours of training with a Certificate of Completion.

My hope is to help families and keep the children safe."

 Scott Pettinger, Professional Child Visitation Monitor

Service Areas:

Orange and Riverside Counties


Hours of Operation:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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